And The Changes Keep Coming

It has been a while since we have posted anything on here. There’s only one way to explain that. So much has been going on, so much more change than we expected. We just needed to circle the wagons and take care of ourselves.

I’ve talked about life changes before and that some of them can be difficult to deal with, sometimes I’d rather not be right. But the truth is, it has been rough. It has taken all of our attention and most of our time.

Of course, some of that time has been spent actively pursuing our plans but some of it has been spent surviving, adjusting, finding our new footing.

I know this all sounds negative, and it has felt pretty negative at times but that is part of the trip. Sometimes you have to walk through a lot of rough times just to get to the new ones, the better ones. I wish it wasn’t so but it is and the time will come when we will look back at these days as building days.

They will be days we built our Next New Normal, certainly, but also days we built ourselves. Days we fought the torrents and built new bridges to rise above them. Days we questioned ourselves and our ability to adapt, and learned that we needed to do some building inside of ourselves.

The reality is that change can be hard but that doesn’t make it impossible. Change can be tough but that doesn’t mean it defeats us. Change can leave scars but they only show the places that we toughened up and made it through.

The most important part of all this is that we have survived, we are surviving. Maybe we underestimated the climb but we have just put our head down and kept on climbing.

We will come out the other side of this and be stronger and more sure of ourselves. It might not all turn out exactly the way we’ve planned it but it will turn out and we will deal with the adjustments we have had to make.

In the end, it will be our Next New Normal and we will embrace it and count it as ours. This is certainly the biggest Next New Normal we have had to deal with as a couple but we are dealing with it and we will continue to deal with it. That’s what we do. We are a team and that is how our team rolls.