The Real Adventure Begins

Up until a couple weeks ago, our adventure had been put on hold. We were in our camper and it wasn’t parked in our driveway anymore but because of Covid-19 and one or two other things, we were in a holding pattern.

Thank God we have family, wonderful friends and a church that helped us stay on track, even if it was a little stilted and delayed. We were sort of halfway there, if that makes any sense. We were holding the whole puzzle but not all the pieces were in the right places.

Then, just as it was feeling like we were in a never ending holding pattern, the last pieces of the puzzle started to drop into place. Excitement and anxiety ran hand in hand with us, but, at least we were running in the right direction. At least we could see the real adventure and it was about to begin.

We loaded everything into what would be our working configuration, for the time being anyways, and hooked up the camper to the Burb. It was a most glorious Sunday morning, yes, a little wet but glorious all the same.

Our first foray into the future was a fairly short trip but that was the plan. A first little hop that would be our shakedown cruise and alert us of things we had not thought of or provided for. Happily and thankfully, there was very little that didn’t work as it should and we arrived at our first destination, Crystal Isles in Crystal River, Florida. There is a proper park review in the works but, though it was quite a busy park and a fairly stressful step for Annie the Cow Dog, it worked. IT WORKED!

We were there for five days, again, it was a short shake down cruise and it worked wonderfully for it. It is the Summer in Florida, Crystal River is on the coast, so it was relatively hot, humid and wet but it worked. That was the important part. It was also the beginning of the scallop season, something we were unaware of until we landed in the middle of it. Note to self; research local happenings before making reservations.

We left Crystal River on the Next Friday and headed for destination number two. This would not be a shakedown cruise, this was three hours, again in the rain part of the way, to a mega park in Clermont, Florida. We will be in this park for three weeks and then shift to another park just down the road for two more weeks.

The adventure truly has begun. The reality of it is sinking in and we are certainly smiling a lot more, still finding our way in a big new world but looking forward to what is yet to come. One more step on our Next New Normal path. One more chance to praise a God that has taken a disaster and made it into a life that we would never have thought possible. A path of despair that has lead to a new beginning, a new chance at life and a most exciting Next New Normal. God is Good!

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  1. So happy that everything is falling into place for you two. Looking forward to sharing your journey with you, through your blog. I’ll be watching for lots of pictures. Love you both forever and ever!♥️

    1. Thank you!!! As we get into the swing, there should be more and more pictures. Glad we can “take you along”.

      Love you!!!

  2. I have goose bumps and so happy God, allowed me to be part of your plan and safety net. You are going to have a wonderful new world opened up to you and he has given you the opportunity to do something you would never have done otherwise. I know I would not have moved to Williston, if we had not had to make an adjustment to our life. He knows the plans he has for us, plans not to harm us but to give us hope and a future. My love to you both, and happy trails as Roy Rogers always said to Dale !!! xoxoxoxo, Didi

    1. DiDi,
      It’s funny but when we first started talking about having to make something positive out of all this, we had no idea. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that it just felt like everything was over. We had worked hard and did what we thought we were supposed to and figured, we’re good. Just on like this until retirement. And then it all slowly went away. That sounds like such a sad story and I guess if we hadn’t followed God’s nudges to make something more of it, it would have been a sad story. BUT THEN GOD. It is insane to think about all He did for us. It was hard but He brought us through and it is so worth it.
      We will always be so grateful that you let God work through you, and we will always be happy that we have you as such a huge part of our story. We love you, DiDi!

  3. Glad you are finding the fun in travel, our last two years on the road were some of the best times in our lives.
    We will see you on down the road somewhere.
    Safe travels and love you❣

  4. So happy you guys are finally hitting the road and seeing the world. Take lots of pictures and savor every moment. Love you guys!

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