Hi – This is Lori!

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Hi there, I’m Lori, the other half of Next New Normal,

As many of you may already know, Trav and I have been going thru a pretty rough time emotionally and financially for the last 3+ years.  In that process we have lost pretty much all of our assets…we are almost thru the bankruptcy process at this point and the house is in foreclosure, scheduled for the final hearing in two weeks.  I am telling you this to help you understand why we are doing what is coming next.

There is no way to save the house so we are not going to sweat that…we are going to be moving…not just out of the house, but literally moving.  We are looking for a camper to live in full time and we are planning on traveling the country in it as well.  We hope to start our journey in January or February, and hopefully start out visiting some family we haven’t seen in a long time….then?  Who knows….it’s going to be an adventure.

You see, we decided a while back that even tho this most certainly could be considered a negative thing,  it didn’t have to remain so…we thought about it and made a conscious choice to see it as an adventure rather than a nasty something that we had to endure….why just sit here and wallow in it when we can make a few mental adjustments and start a new life doing something different and fun.

So….as we make the first steps on this new adventure we wanted you to come with us….to join us as we journey into the future, meeting new people and seeing new places….we want you to be there and enjoy the fascinating views and spectacular places we are hoping to see.

This is not a bad thing…this is God showing us the exciting creations He has made and they are just waiting for us to get there…..

Won’t you come with us?


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